1.      DIY Home Garden Fencing with Wood and Chicken Wire

Make a fence made with chicken wire and a wooden post. This type of fence is very easy to make and will surely keep the critters away from your garden. You do not need new wooden poles or chicken wire. Reclaimed wooden poles and chicken wire can still do the fencing perfectly. Using reclaimed materials even makes the work less expensive.

2.      DIY Garden Fencing with Wallets

This type of DIY fencing is very cheap and easy to put up. All you need are twigs and sticks. These can be found in your yards or somewhere in the garden. Wattle fence gives your garden a modern and outdoor touch. Wattles are very versatile. You can use them in very many ways and the outcome is always stunning.

3.       DIY Garden Fencing with Pickets

Want a garden with a cottage-like look? Then use pickets to fence your garden. They are less expensive and easy to make. A picket fence will protect your plants and flowers from critters that may eat or destroy them. You can paint the picket in your favourite colour.

4.      DIY Garden Fencing with Twigs

A rustic twig fence is the best type of fencing for someone who wants to achieve a farmhouse kind of garden. Twigs and sticks are easy to find. You can get them from your yard or even from neighbours and friends. The process of making a twig fence is easy and cheap because the materials are readily available.

DIY Home Garden Fencing Ideas You Should Try

5.      DIY Garden Fencing with Coastal Ropes

Fencing using coastal ropes makes your garden look simple and beautiful at the same time. This fence is quick and cheap to make. All you need is wooden poles and ropes then you are good to go. It does not hurt to be a little creative. Add seashells to your garden to give it a coastal touch. You can also include coastal decorations to achieve an outdoor feeling.

6.      DIY Garden Fencing with Old Plates

If you want an entirely new and unique garden fence, try fencing with old plates that you have lying somewhere. It does matter if they are broken or cracked. Make a unique fence using the plates that will turn heads. In case you don’t have enough, visit a thrift store and get more plates. They are cheap and very easy to make. You can be more creative by mixing and matching the plates to create a beautiful pattern.

7.      DIY Garden Fencing with Bike Wheels

DIY gives you the freedom to be unique in a very creative. You can use those old bike wheels to make a beautiful little fence. You can always find old wheels from your local thrift store. You can decide to build the fence tall or just have one layer for a short fence.


Use the DIY garden fencing ideas to create a unique, simple, and beautiful fence. They are easy to create and cheap too. The materials used can easily be found. They could be lying right there in your yard or at the thrift store.