All commercial and residential properties should have a form of security to help keep out unwanted visitors. Apart from hiring a certain security firm to help in security matters, it is also very important to invest in a good fence. The type of fence investment will depend on the residence or company’s needs. However, some details should be taken into consideration before fencing. They include;

  • The climate conditions of the area
  • The area where the company or residence is located
  • The landscape of the location, is it steeped or flattened

Investing in a top security type of fence makes you feel safe and decreases the chances of theft. Below are the three most reliable forms of fences that you can invest in.

1.      The Palisade Security Fence

The main feature that makes this fence impenetrable is that it has steel posts which are vertically installed. The steel posts have a pointed tip which makes climbing over it very dangerous. They are very beautiful and attractive if properly installed. The purchase and installation cost can be very exorbitant. You also need to find a skilled specialist to install them for.

2.      The Chain Link Fence

They are also known as the Mesh Fencing. They are among the best because of the availability in different length. This type of fence is set deeply into concrete. This setting makes it almost impossible to climb over it. You can have an extension into the tops of the post. This allows the barbed wire to move along discouraging intruders and climbers. Fencing with this type offers a high level of security.

Top 3 Most Reliable Forms of Security Fences

This type of fencing is versatile. It is mostly used on commercial properties, government facilities, sports fields and schools. In some cases, a powder coat is usually applied to it to make it appear more attractive.

3.     Palisade Security Fence

This kind of fencing is very reliable compared to others. It falls under the same category with garrison but it has a curved top made of razor wire and can also be electrified. When fencing is being done, concrete is used at the base to give it security and prevent it from being dugout.

It has rails which are protected by anti-tamper fixing that ensures the steel posts stand vertical and can’t be removed. Palisade fencing may be fixed or fitted to a brick  or concrete fence.

4.    Metal Hoarding Fence

This type of fencing is mainly used to secure a place for a long time. It is permanent just like wood and can be reused. Metal hoarding can be customized to desired security measures.


Insecurity has brought about the invention of various types of fencing. Human and animal destruction has been the attributed key to all forms of security fencing. Therefore, industries have come up with reliable ideas to help people put up security measures which are cost-friendly and at the same time conserve the environment. When fencing always looks for the best materials and know the length of the area that needs security.